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Events 2016

The European Schoolbooks Ltd team have already been quite busy this year attending numerous exhibitions with fantastic selections of some of our newest and bestselling titles in French, German, Spanish, Italian and Portuguese.

If you wish to view previous events, please click here.

Interactive Storytelling in French

11th September 2016 - The European Bookshop - 11:00 - 12:00

We are delighted to announce that The European Bookshop will be hosting a very special event for children:

La Boîte à Contes with Exchange Theatre

Pick a tale and be its actor! From Peau d'Ane to La Princesse au Petit Pois, Exchange Theatre provides a wonderful opportunity for kids to get involved in an interactive storytelling experience!

Language level: Easy French
Maximum allowance: 15 children
Age group: 3 to 6 year olds
Cost: FREE!

There are a limited number of places so please don't miss out - contact the bookshop and reserve your spot before it is too late:

Exchange Theatre provides a fun new way to learn and discover foreign languages through drama, music and the stage. It offers a host of workshops, classes and plays in French and other languages for schools and learning institutions, with sessions available for all ages from early years through to secondary school and A level.

For more details about all the activities on offer for all ages, view the Exchange Theatre Brochure or contact Fanny Dulin at

Panorama - eine neue Dimension des Deutschlernens

22nd September 2016 - The European Bookshop - 19:00 - 21:00

Martina Bartucz presents Panorama


Panorama - eine neue Dimension des Deutschlernens

Der Name ist Programm: „Panorama“, das neue Lehrwerk des Cornelsen-Verlags, eröffnet inhaltlich wie medial den Blick in die deutsche Sprache und die Kultur der deutschsprachigen Länder. Es nutzt die Vorteile der digitalen Medien unter Berücksichtigung neuester mediendidaktischer Erkenntnisse. Dabei sind alle Bestandteile aufeinander abgestimmt und flexibel einsetzbar. Die neue Dimension des Deutschlernens und – lehrens soll in dieser Präsentation gezeigt werden.

Panorama – a new dimension of German Language Teaching

Panorama, the new textbook of the publishing house Cornelsen Verlag, gives a broader look into the German language & culture of the various German-speaking countries. The assets of digital media are fully used while considering the newest didactical expertise. All components of the textbook have been harmonized together and can be used during class in a very flexible way. The new dimension of German teaching and learning shall be explained during this presentation.

Tutta colpa dell'italiano

25th September 2016 - The Italian Bookshop - 10.00-12.00

Gabriella Debetto
con la partecipazione di Luca Cupani



"Tutta colpa dell'italiano" è una serie in quattro puntate che Loescher Editore dedica agli anglofoni che studiano l'italiano. Luca, il protagonista, è un italiano che vive a Londra da tre anni e soffre di una sindrome di estraniamento dalla sua lingua materna. Per questo va dall'analista e comincia a raccontare...

Partendo dalla visione di un video di questa serie, Gabriella Debetto condurrà una riflessione sulle regole, talvolta complesse, della lingua italiana e illustrerà quali sono gli strumenti possibili per acquisirle. L'autrice si soffermerà su alcuni strumenti didattici pensati appositamente per il pubblico anglofono e su una grammatica utile per acquisire consapevolezza delle regole attraverso un processo graduale di conoscenza delle strutture e dei meccanismi di funzionamento della lingua.

I partecipanti riceveranno in omaggio un easy-reader e un poster fotografico con la cartina dell'Italia.

* * *

"Tutta colpa dell'italiano" is a four-part series from Loescher Editore dedicated to English-speakers who are studying Italian. Luca, the protagonist, is Italian and has lived in London for three years, during which time he has felt increasingly estranged from his native language. So he visits a therapist and starts to tell his story...

After viewing a video from the series, Gabriella Debetto will reflect on the rules and complexities of the Italian language and will illustrate some of the possible ways to master them. The author will focus on a number of didactic tools specifically intended for English-speakers and will take a closer look at a useful book on Italian grammar that gradually develops understanding of the structures and functions of the language.

Each participant will receive a free easy-reader and a photographic poster of the map of Italy.


Gabriella Debetto è esperta di educazione linguistica. Ha esperienza d'insegnamento dell'italiano come lingua madre a lingua seconda. Già titolare del modulo Metodologie e didattica dell'italiano L2 nel Master per l'insegnamento dell'italiano come L2 dell'Università degli Studi di Padova, ha tenuto numerosi corsi di aggiornamento e formazione in Italia e all'estero sui temi dell'intercultura e dell'insegnamento dell'italiano L2. Per Loescher Editore è coautrice di Caleidoscopio italiano. Uno sguardo sull'Italia attraverso i testi letterari e Punti critici. Eserciziario per anglofoni: problemi ed errori di interferenza ed è autrice di La lingua italiana e le sue regole.

Luca Cupani arriva a Londra nel 2014 seguendo il sogno di diventare attore comico: esordisce così come stand-up comedian vincendo il King Gong Show del Comedy Store. Nel 2014 e nel 2015 partecipa al Fringe Festival di Edimburgo conquistando pubblico e critica. Nel 2015 vince la famosa comedy competition "So you think you're funny".

* * *

Gabriella Debetto is an expert in the field of language teaching and has taught Italian as a first and second language. The creator of the module Metodologie e didattica dell'italiano L2 for the Masters in Teaching Italian as a Second Language at the University of Padua, she has led numerous training and refresher courses both in Italy and abroad on intercultural topics and the teaching of Italian as a foreign language. For Loescher Editore she is the co-author of Caleidoscopio italiano. Uno sguardo sull'Italia attraverso i testi letterari and Punti critici. Eserciziario per anglofoni: problemi ed errori di interferenza and is the author of La lingua italiana e le sue regole.

Luca Cupani arrived in London in 2014 to pursue his dream of becoming a comic actor, making his debut as a stand-up comedian by winning the Comedy Store's King Gong Show. In 2014 and 2015 he performed at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival to the acclaim of the public and critics. In 2015 he won the famous comedy competition "So you think you're funny".

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