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French : Graded Readers

Ages 11-14


This series aims to provide graded readers for students to enjoy as their knowledge of French progresses....


L'épave / Le voyage du Horla 9782090313734 £6.60  

Ages 15-16

Mise en scène: lecture en français facile pour adolescents

This collection of readers aims to introduce teenagers to well known French classics by adapting them into comic style stories and using colourful illustrations. Each book includes exercises for stude...


La parure - Livre & CD-audio Maupassant, G 9782090329162 £10.75  


Easy Readers French

"Easy Readers" have a long and honourable history spanning nearly 70 years. The brainchild of a small Danish publishing house in the darkest years of the Second World War, the series now comprises mor...


Contes du jour et de la nuit Maupassant, G 9788723900111 £9.70  

Lectures CLE en français facile

An eclectic collection of readers - fiction and non-fiction - designed to appeal to a wide range of tastes and ages. Every title has the following features: an introduction to the text and author, sup...


Bel-Ami - Livre + audio téléchargeable Maupassant, G 9782090313116 TBA  
Bel-Ami - Livre + CD MP3 Maupassant, G 9782090313109 £8.95  
Les nouvelles de Maupassant - Livre + CD Maupassant, G 9782090311518 £8.95  
Une vie - Livre + audio online Maupassant, G 9782090311303 £5.70  
Une vie - Livre + CD MP3 Maupassant, G 9782090311310 £8.95  

Lire en Français facile

A series of graded readers encompassing 5 different themes: Real-life; Science fiction; Fantasy; Detective and Adventure. The story is followed by an explanation of difficult words and phrases, broken...


Contes de la bécasse - Livre + CD audio Maupassant, G 9782014016307 £8.45  
Cinq contes - Livre & CD audio MP3 Maupassant, G 9782011557445 £8.45  

Lire et s'entraîner

A collection of short readers enriched by colour illustrations, notes on vocabulary and interspersed with a variety of comprehension activities and exercises. The accompanying audio material, either o...


Apparition et autres contes + CD Four musterious short stories by Maupassant. 9788853014245 £12.95  

La Spiga - Lectures facilitées (A2)

Designed to encourage active reading this series of readers combine reading text with corresponding reading comprehension and grammar exercises on the opposite page. The accompanying CDs contain the t...


Une vie Maupassant, G 9788846810731 £4.55  

Young Adult ELI Readers - French

A series of beautifully illustrated literary classics, specially adapted for language learners. Each book comes with an audio recording of the text, read by a native speaker, provided either on CD (an...


Une vie + downloadable audio Jeanne travels across Normandy to the castle where she will live and raise a child. 9788853624840 £11.95  

French : Annotated Texts

Au coeur du texte

A collection of French classics which teaches students the skills necessary for reading the masterpieces of French literature and facilitates their understanding, interpretation and analysis of them. ...


Sur l'eau - livre & CD 9788877542595 £13.95  

French : Classics/Modern Classics

Penguin Little Black Classics

A collection of classic titles to celebrate the 80th anniversary of Penguin Books....


Femme Fatale 9780141398334 £1.00  
The Best Short Stories BEST SHORT STORIES MAUPASSANT Maupassant, G 9781853261893 TBA  
A Life : The Humble Truth Maupassant, G 9780199555512 £8.99  
A Parisian Affair and other stories Maupassant, G 9780140448122 £8.99  
Bel-ami Maupassant, G 9780140443158 £9.99  

French : Commentaries

Boule de suif de Guy de Maupassant Maupassant, G 9782806210555 £7.95  

French : CDs/audiobooks

Bel ami/CD audio Maupassant, G £15.95 +VAT
Boule de suif/CD MP3 Maupassant, G 9782878627657 £18.95 +VAT
Le Horla Maupassant, G 9782844680853 £22.75 +VAT

French : Collected Works

Contes cruels et fantastiques Maupassant, G 9782253131229 £22.75  

French : Short Stories

Ages 11-14

Folio junior

A vast collection of literature titles for 8-16 year olds (the 1000th title was published in Spring 2000), including the works of some of the most popular children's authors: Roald Dahl, Saint-Exupery...


Deux amis et autres contes GUY DE MAUPASSANT DEUX AMIS AUTRES CONTES Maupassant, G 9782070626168 £9.55  
Le Horla et autres contes fantastiques Maupassant, G 9782070626083 £4.60  
La parure et autres contes cruels Maupassant, G 9782070659845 £5.80  
Trois histoires fantastiques du XIXe siècle Maupassant, G/Gautier, T/Mérimée, P 9782070645145 £5.80  


9 nouvelles légères Maupassant, G 9782070458288 £5.95  
Boule de suif Maupassant, G 9782253009634 £3.50  
Boule de suif Maupassant, G 9782070458196 £2.90  
Boule de suif Maupassant, G 9782070345182 £4.35  
Boule de suif et autres histoires de guerre Maupassant, G 9782080256119 £3.95  
Boule de suif et autres nouvelles Maupassant, G 9782253183044 £3.20  
Boule de suif/La maison Tellier/Madame Baptiste/Le port Maupassant, G 9782070411191 £6.95  
Contes au fil de l'eau Maupassant, G 9782070447787 £2.90  
Contes choisis Maupassant, G 9782012532502 £22.75  
Contes de la Bécasse Maupassant, G 9782081376816 £7.15  
Contes de la Bécasse Maupassant, G 9782253006770 £3.80  
Contes du jour et de la nuit Maupassant, G 9782070375585 £6.20  
Contes du jour et de la nuit Maupassant, G 9782253046547 £5.65  
L'honneur et l'argent Maupassant, G 9782851972743 £7.60  
La maison Tellier Maupassant, G 9782253013457 £4.80  
La parure Maupassant, G 9782253136569 £2.30  
Le horla Maupassant, G 9782070458202 £2.90  
Le Horla et autres nouvelles Maupassant, G 9782253005391 £4.40  
Le Horla et autres nouvelles Maupassant, G 9782070409259 £3.65  
Les prostituées : onze nouvelles Maupassant, G 9782070467174 £8.70  
Mademoiselle Fifi Maupassant, G 9782253010913 £6.20  
Mademoiselle Fifi et autres nouvelles Maupassant, G 9782070369454 £9.10  
Une partie de campagne et autres nouvelles Maupassant, G 9782290151327 £1.95  

French : Classics/Modern Classics

Ages 11-14

4 nouvelles normandes, suivies de Pierrot Maupassant, G 9782091884325 £4.15  
Boule de Suif Maupassant, G/Chomienne, M 9782070793167 £4.20  
Contes de la bécasse Maupassant, G 9782047353790 £6.20  
Le Horla Maupassant, G 9782701156422 £4.70  
Le Horla et six contes fantastiques Maupassant, G 9782013949958 £3.35  
Contes et nouvelles 9782401052802 £3.20  
Quand le quotidien devient étrange Maupassant, G/Erckmann, E/Erckmann, E/Gautier, T/ChatrianChatrian, A/Poe 9782091878461 £4.60  

Ages 15-16

Nouvelles fantastiques Maupassant, G/Gautier, T/Poe, E/Gogol, N 9782210754126 £5.10  
Bel-ami Maupassant, G 9782218991455 £5.35  
Bel-ami Maupassant, G 9782701151588 £6.35  
Boule de Suif Maupassant, G 9782401045736 £3.20  
Cinq nouvelles réalistes Maupassant, G 9782210755611 £3.50  
La Parure et autres nouvelles à chute Maupassant, G 9782218948794 £3.25  
Le Horla et autres nouvelles fantastiques Maupassant, G 9782218939556 £4.45  
Pierre et Jean Maupassant, G 9782011691798 £3.15  
Pierre et Jean Maupassant, G 9782218962158 £4.25  
Une vie (1883): et autres récits de destins de femmes Maupassant, G 9782218966682 £4.90  


Contes sur le suicide Maupassant, G 9782844858740 £8.95  
Bel-Ami Maupassant, G 9782070409358 £5.10  
Bel-Ami Maupassant, G 9782070441082 £9.40  
Bel-Ami Maupassant, G 9782253009009 £5.35  
Bel-Ami Maupassant, G 9782081444607 £4.80  
Boule de suif Maupassant, G 9782011928603 £13.50  
Boule de suif Maupassant, G 9782081342712 £4.65  
Boule de suif et autres nouvelles Maupassant, G 9782035834232 £4.55  
Boule de suif/Mademoiselle Fifi Maupassant, G 9782266289993 £2.95  
contes de la Bécasse Maupassant, G 9782070466672 £3.60  
Contes et nouvelles Maupassant, G 9782070145591 £30.50  
Contes et nouvelles 2 Maupassant, G 9782070109432 £76.00  
L'inutile beauté et autres nouvelles (incl. Le Noyé) Maupassant, G 9782070387212 £7.30  
La maison Tellier Maupassant, G 9782070458219 £2.90  
La parure et autres nouvelles Maupassant, G 9782035844552 £4.55  
La parure et autres scènes de la vie parisienne Maupassant, G 9782081444843 £4.10  
Le Horla : première et deuxiëme version/Lettre d'un fou Maupassant, G 9782253136460 £3.10  
Le horla et autres contes fantastiques Maupassant, G 9782081395831 £4.10  
Le rosier de Madame Husson Maupassant, G 9782070458226 £2.90  
Le verrou et autres contes grivois Maupassant, G 9782070305360 £2.90  
Miss Harriet Maupassant, G 9782253006534 £4.70  
Mont-Oriol Maupassant, G 9782070423552 £7.80  
Mont-Oriol Maupassant, G 9782253183235 £8.55  
Notre coeur Maupassant, G 9782081301603 £8.60  
Notre coeur Maupassant, G 9782253062554 £7.50  
Pierre et Jean Maupassant, G 9782253012351 £12.75  
Pierre et Jean Maupassant, G 9782080713117 £4.10  
Pierre et Jean Maupassant, G 9782070410859 £4.35  
Pierre et Jean Maupassant, G 9782266162357 £2.35  
Pierre et Jean (NE) Maupassant, G 9782290099070 £2.95  
Sur l'eau Maupassant, G 9782081443129 £4.95  
Toine et autres contes normands Maupassant, G 9782081353152 £4.10  

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