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Angel Classics

Angel Classics

Angel Classics

These highly praised translations from the small independent publisher Angel Books capture the true voices of a variety of classic European writers. Some titles were previously unavailable in English; all are still less well-known than they should be - great reads with critical introductions and end notes that take English readers more profoundly into other cultures and other ways of seeing.

"I very much value Angel Books" DORIS LESSING

"The Angel list is a good thing" SEAMUS HEANEY

"An intriguing list of the very highest quality" ELAINE FEINSTEIN

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Czech : Classics/Modern Classics

    The Bachura Scandal Hašek, J/Menhennet, A(tr) 9780946162413 £8.95  

Danish : Classics/Modern Classics

    A Story from the Dunes: and other stories Andersen, H/Binding, P(tr) 9780946162901 £9.95  
    The Ice Virgin: A novella Andersen, H/Binding, P(tr) 9780946162895 £8.95  

French : Classics/Modern Classics

    Horace Corneille, P/Brownjohn, A(tr) 9780946162574 £6.95  

German : Classics/Modern Classics

    A Doppelgänger: With Aquis submersus The story of an ex-prisoner told after his death and the search for the meaning of an inscription on a portrait. Storm, T/Jackson, D(tr) 9780946162864 £11.95  
    Beyond the Tweed Fontane, T/Battershaw, B(tr) 9781870352161 £12.95  
    Beyond the Tweed H-B A delightful account of a journey around Scotland with the artist Bernhard von Lepel. Fontane, T/Battershaw, B(tr) 9781870352956 £17.95  
    Brigitta, with 'Limestone', 'Abdias' and 'The Forest Path' A collection of four stories by Adalbert Stifter. Stifter, A/Watanabe-O'Kelly, H(tr) 9780946162376 £6.95  
    Brigitta, with 'Limestone', 'Abdias' and 'The Forest Path' Stifter, A/Watanabe-O'Kelly, H(tr) 9780946162369 £13.95  
    Cécile A story of mutual sexual attraction at a fashionable spa moves to a grim climax among the high-society fringe of Berlin Fontane, T/Radcliffe, S(tr) 9780946162437 £9.95  
    Cécile Fontane, T/Radcliffe, S(tr) 9780946162420 £13.95  
    Carsten the Trustee Four of Theodor Storm's novellas: Carsten The Trustee, The Swallows of St George, The Last Farmstead and By the Fireside. Storm, T/Jackson, D(tr) 9780946162734 £11.95  
    Deutschland - a Winter's Tale (parallel text) A brilliantly funny read. Heine comments on the homeland he sees again after years of exile. Heine, H/Reed, T(tr) 9780946162581 £11.95  
    Grieshuus The story of a noble family's conflict and downfall during the wars that swept northern Europe in the 17th and 18th centuries. Storm, T/Jackson, D(tr) 9780946162925 £9.95  
    Hans and Heinz Kirch Three novellas: Hans and Heinz Kirch, Immensee and Joruney to Hallig. Storm, T/Jackson, D(tr)/Nauck, A(tr) 9780946162604 £8.50  
    Iphigenia in Tauris Goethe's version of the Iphigenia-Orestes legend. Goethe, J/Pascal, R(tr) 9780946162796 £9.95  
    Paul the Puppeteer Three of Storm's works in one volume: Paul the Puppeteer, The Village on the Moor and Renate. Storm, T/Jackson, D(tr) 9780946162703 £9.95  
    Poems & Prose H-B - parallel text This selection of his poems and prose pieces is the most comprehensive edition available to the English-language reader. Trakl, G/Stillmark, A(tr) 9781870352512 £17.95  
    Poems & Prose P-B - parallel text Trakl, G/Stillmark, A(tr) 9781870352710 £10.95  
    Poems - parallel text Heym, G/Hasler, A(tr) 9781870352871 £17.95  
    Poems - parallel text The fullest selection of Heym's verse to appear in English. Heym, G/Hasler, A(tr) 9781870352970 £12.95  
    Selected Short Fiction 13 short stories including comic tales, dense novellas and the dramatic tale of The Duellist's Second. Schnitzler, A/Davies, J(tr) 9780946162499 £10.95  
    Selected Tales A selection of stories that capture the restless spirit of turn-of-the-century Vienna. von Hofmannsthal, H/Davies, J(tr) 9780946162741 £9.95  
    Six German Romantic Tales Kleist, H/Hoffmann, E/Tieck, L/Taylor, R(tr) 9780802312952 £9.95  
    The Dykemaster Storm, T/Jackson, D(tr) 9780946162543 £9.95  
    The Thief Heym, G/Bennett, S(tr) 9781870352482 £5.95  
    The Thief Heym, G/Bennett, S(tr) 9781870352680 £9.95  

Greek : Classics/Modern Classics

    Slaves in their Chains Theotokis, K/Theotokis, K/Davies, J(tr) 9780946162789 £12.95  

Polish : Classics/Modern Classics

    Charcoal Sketches and other tales Sienkiewicz, H/Zamoyski, A(tr) 9780946162321 £6.95  
    Charcoal Sketches and other tales Sienkiewicz, H/Zamoyski, A(tr) 9780946162314 £15.95  

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