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Merry Team

Merry Team

Merry Team

Authors: Mady Musiol  Magaly Villarroel 

Merry Team is a six-level English course for children in Primary School, who have had some exposure to the language. It covers the curriculum requirements for the English language.DurationEach level of the course offers sufficient material for between 80 and 90 lessons, including evaluation. Each lesson takes approximately 45 to 60 minutes, but the teacher's guide provides suggestions for extending or reducing lessons.AimsThe general aim of the course is to teach English as a means of communication and to develop young learners' knowledge of a different culture. For this reason, language is presented within a context and the children are given the opportunity to use it in a pleasant, motivating and supportive atmosphere.TopicsEach unit of the book is developed around a specific topic chosen to reflect the age and developing interests of the children. The topics cover aspects of the real world as well as imaginative themes. In levels 1 and 2, the topics centre on the children, their immediate world and daily experiences.In levels 3 and 4, they start branching out into the wider world and include cross-curricular activities. Levels 5 and 6 are a continuation of the previous levels. In addition, they provide a bridge to secondary education.Progress and skillsThe aims of levels 1 and 2 are to provide children with non-verbal strategies for communication, a core vocabulary that they will recognize along with sufficient self-confidence to attempt to produce it whenever they can. The progression between these two levels is gradual and integrates frequent revision, thus providing constant consolidation of the language learnt in earlier lessons. Priority is given to listening and speaking skills, promoting communication between learners.All four language skills are progressively developed through the levels, so that by the end children have acquired the strong grounding that will prepare them for English at Secondary School.


Year 1

  Student's Book 19788853610942£11.95 
  Activity Book + audio CD9788853611000£9.45 
  Teacher's Guide 1 + class CD9788853611062TBA 
  Digital Book 19788853606457£42.95+
  DVD For Levels 1 and 29788853612205TBA 
  Flashcards 19788853611093TBA 

Primary year 3

  Student's book 39788853610966£12.50 
  Activity book 3 + audio CD9788853611024£10.95 
  Teacher's Guide 3 + class CDs9788853611086£26.95 
  Digital book 39788853607409£42.95+

Primary year 4

  Student's book 29788853610959£11.95 
  Activity book 2 + audio CD9788853611017£9.45 
  Teacher's Guide 2 + class CD9788853611079£19.95 
  Digital book 29788853607393£42.95+
  Flashcards 29788853611109£13.95 

Primary year 6

  Student's book 69788853610997TBA 
  Activity book 6 + audio CDs (2)9788853611055£10.95 
  Teacher's guide 6 + audio CDs (2)9788853611826TBA 
  Digital Book 69788853607430£42.95+
  DVD for levels 5 and 69780194372350TBA 
  DVD for levels 5 and 69788853612229TBA 

Year 4

  Student's book 49788853610973£12.50 
  Activity book 4 + audio CD9788853611031£10.95 
  Teacher's guide 4 + class CDs (2)9788853611802TBA 
  Digital Book 49788853607416£42.95+
  DVD for levels 3 and 49788853612212TBA 
  Flashcards 49788853611123TBA 

Year 5

  Student's book 59788853610980£12.50 
  Activity book 5 + audio CD9788853611048£10.95 
  Teacher's guide 5 + class CDs (2)9788853611819TBA 

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